May 18, 2008

NHL playoffs opening videos

Here's a round-up of pre-game show videos from the 2008 NHL playoffs. We can't find anything for New York, Nashville, Anaheim, or Colorado.

Some notes:
  • Nice light show in Detroit. Looks like a about 24 or 32 Mac 2000's or something similar -- it's a simple effect but used very effectively.
  • Washington had some great music choices.
  • Minnesota had one of the nicest overall arena shows that we saw, with nice integration on-ice projection, video scoreboard, and LED signage.
  • I like the green Stanley Cup on the Dallas video
  • Philly's added some nice video projection for Round 3

Playoff open (music: The Hives - Tick Tick Boom)

Playoff arena show

Youtube vids of the arena show: 1 2 3 4

Youtube vids of the arena show: 1 2

Highlight vid (music: Foo Fighters - The Pretender)
Playoff open (music: Papa Roach - To Be Loved)
Year in Review (music: The Bravery - Believe)

Playoff open
Round 3 video projection

New Jersey
How Far We've Come
Don't Stop Believing

Arena show

Playoff open (music: In Your Honour / Foo Fighters)

San Jose
Arena open Youtube vids: 1 2

Playoff open
Arena open

Arena open Youtube vids: 1 2

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