May 10, 2008

Yes, players do watch the video scoreboard

Here's a story from last fall about Detroit Lions defensive tackle Shaun Rogers, who says he used the video scoreboard to help score a touchdown:

Rogers said he knew he'd have to stiff-arm Broncos running back Selvin Young on his 66-yard interception return for a touchdown because he saw him gaining ground on the huge Ford Field scoreboard screen.

Corey Smith tried to block Young, but didn't get enough of him to knock him off course.

"I looked at the Jumbotron and saw a guy coming up on my left. I caught a glimpse of the Jumbotron and saw (Smith) trying to throw a block to my left. I turned my head around and there he was. I tried to put that big arm out there to keep him at bay,'' Rogers said.

And why was Rogers looking at the big screen?

"It just happened that way. We have a beautiful stadium and a beautiful Jumbotron,'' he said.

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