Jun 5, 2006

Baseball promotion: 6/6/06

Gameops.com blogs about a June 6th Promotion from the Potomac Nationals. That day this year will read as 6/6/06, and the Nationals are planning:

  • A 6:06pm start time
  • A copy of the Sixth Amendment hand-out
  • Anyone with the name the sixth President will get a ticket discount
  • Anyone who is 16, 26, 36, etc. will get a ticket discount
  • All fans under 6 years old get a free Grandstand ticket
  • The team will celebrate the "Sixth Inning Stretch"
  • Music from the 60's will be played
  • If the Nationals score six or more, all fans get a voucher for a free ticket
  • etc. etc. etc. etc.

(It's one of many wacky promos from Potomack, including last summer's "hairiest back" contest.)

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