Jun 1, 2006

PA Announcer obit: " "He'll always be remembered for screwing names up"

An article from May 2005 about Bob Casey, the legendary Minnesota Twins PA Announcer. Are there any other teams out there who find mispronounciations funny?

What also endeared Casey to many was his humorous ability to turn the correct pronunciation of a player's name into something totally different.

Former Twins star Paul Molitor would become "Paul Monitor." Yankees Japanese star Hideki Matsui once found his name altered to "Hideki Mat-sushi." Names of such players as Juan Encarnacion or Aramis Ramirez could become almost indecipherable and elicit laughs from the press box.

Former Twins outfielder Dustan Mohr, who was already in a game, was re-introduced as the game's new right fielder, but somehow he was re-named "Dustin Hoffman."

"He'll always be remembered for screwing names up, which was great," Radke said.

Even on Opening Day last season, when the Twins game wore into extra innings against Cleveland, former veteran Indians shortstop Omar Vizquel heard something even he never heard before.

"Now batting, Ozzie Virgil," Casey announced. "Correction, Ozzie Vizquel!" At that point, all Vizquel could do was step out of the batter's box smiling as he looked in Casey's direction.

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