Jun 6, 2006

Krazy George has a new web page

Krazy George has a new web page -- at least it's newer than the last time we were searching for Krazy George info.

Krazy George claims to be the inventor of the wave -- and if you've never seen him before, check out some of the videos on the web site to see why they call him Krazy.

I first met George in January 1999, when I worked for the Ottawa 67's. He was scheduled to perform at one of our games, but the game was cancelled due to a snowstorm. I took George out for dinner in the Byward Market, where I learned that he used to be a schoolteacher. He turned into a professional cheerleader in the 1980s, and now lives on a yacht off the coast of California. At the height of his popularity, he was bringing in well over $100k per year in performance fees.

When you're on his web site, make sure you check out this list of newspaper scans. You can read about how the B.C. Lions used George as a secret weapon in the Grey Cup playoffs ... or how an Edmonton Oilers coach tried to ban him because he was too noisy.

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