Jun 28, 2006

Didn't Fox already try a glowing puck?

Found on YouTube:
"This invention refers to a visualization system specially designed for ice hockey rinks; its specific aim is to improve the visualization of the puck while it is moving on the ice. This system improves the direct visualization of the puck on the ice, but it has been particularly designed to improve the visualization through television systems, which are mainly used by viewers. Contact info: artempus@artempus.com (+34) 696 996 968 Antonio Miguel Baena C. (Ă‘ito)"

It's like the glowing puck that Fox used to use, except it's yellow. And the whole ice lights up when a goal is scored.

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Anonymous said...

A pretty cool concept. I wonder how much it would cost to install the tiles under the ice.

The biggest problem with Fox's glow puck was that they would lose the puck when it left the rink during play. The pucks were expensive. I wonder how much the pucks would cost with this new technology.

Again, it's a good concept that will never be accepted in the NHL due to cost.