Jun 3, 2006

GameOps.com: Lessons from the Detroit Shock (WNBA)

The latest entry in the "Six from Six" series from Gameops.com is about the Detroit Shock of the WNBA. Gameops.com edit John Cudo went to a Shock game last August and offers a ton of insights, including:

  • Creative ideas for handing out thundersticks

  • How to make your moment of silence & National Anthem more powerful

  • Make sure your game day staff is working in a "culture of fun"

  • Stand until you score (unless you're a hockey team)

  • Use different voices when talking to your fans

Read the full article: Six from Six: Detroit Shock (WNBA)

1 comment:

Jon Cudo said...

That guy's a genius!

Thanks for the link, I have been having a lot of fun with the Six From Six Series, and getting a lot of good feedback. Great to hear you enjoyed it.

Up next in the Six from Six is the New York Rangers....

Kind regards,