Jun 11, 2006

Mark Cuban on in-game videos and songs

Mark Cuban has a blog entry today about the video and music spoofs shown on the Mavs video scoreboard:

Anyone who has been to a game here knows we take great pride in trying to come up with unique videos and songs that entertain and amuse our fans/customers. Its not always easy. We have great marketing people who have come up with classics like the Star Wars Nash vs Dirk - Cut your hair. But I like coming up with some ideas as well.

Some are good. Some not. But going through all the songs you hear, running through Itunes samples , reading email suggestions and just looking for clues can be fun.


Im trying to come up with a nice way to turn the Hokey Pokey into the ShaqaPokey.. You put your elbow in, you put elbow out. You put elbow in and you smash it all about…Show some video from last game. But that was a bit harsh. For now.

Im also pushing our guys to redo this song. Its already a cheeselicious classic. Anything we can do that is a voice over of him singing the chorus surrounded by some fun Mavs lyrics. Well thats chart topping entertainment !

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